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How do you inspire your team and your organization?

Organizations become more and more complex and the number of information, facts and data increase. We need a way to make sense of all the information we receive. We need a way to inspire people.

Storytelling is a leadership tool that helps you leading your team, setting a vision, define culture and values and build engagement. Stories are more memorable than facts alone. With storytelling, you ’ll relate to your team emotionally and therefore be more engaging. You’ ll inspire action.

Business storytelling applies to any type of leadership, any process e.g. change management and at any level of an organization. A business story does more than pure entertainment, a business story builds bridges and can change perspectives. It is not about perfection, it is about connection with your team and your organization.

I help crafting your personal leadership stories or the business- and change stories for your organizations. By using storytelling techniques and story templates, I will guide you to make your message stick.

„Great Leaders Inspire with Stories“